BestFriendsForever: Acee & Kiss


Every friendship is special but my friendship with this woman is the very best. What makes our story special is that from best friends we became relatives. We are now both known as Mrs. Cueva. I third-wheeled for her while she found me a husband. Talk about teamwork!


I never would have imagined that the girl who I met during fourth grade would become one of my very close friends during high school. Unlike myself, Acee found it very easy to make friends and get close to people. If she didn’t initiate the conversation, we probably wouldn’t be friends. Our story is funny. We met during those times where a private car would carpool students to school for a fee. That’s where I met Acee because we carpooled together. I think I remember her randomly talking to me, but what I remember the most was when she randomly approached me during sixth grade while I was sitting by myself at the corridor. She did the most unexpected thing.She told me who her crush was. It was so weird since we didn’t talk after the carpool service thing which ended like two years ago, and hey she just goes on to tell me who the guy she liked was. It was sort of a big thing if you’re twelve. Since we belonged to different classes, we didn’t talk much after that.


During high school, we became classmates. We were Sophomores when our bond strengthened. We were always late so we met almost everyday at the principal’s office. Late comers would stay there until the period they were missing was over. The purpose was so you don’t disturb the ongoing class. Together with Alec – another one of my best friends -, we would sit there and discuss mundane random topics until we were allowed to go to our classrooms. During the afternoons, we would head to the clinic and stay there for an hour or two, faking dysmenorrhea. I just remember skipping a lot of classes during the last months of Sophomore year. We were at a rebellious stage, I guess.



Brace girls: Kismet, Alec, and Acee.

During the Junior year, I met the other special girls who became my best friends. We would eat at Jollibee everyday. It’s amazing how we didn’t die of kidney failure. Jollibee is the Philippines’ version of McDonald’s. If you get the chance to try, you should get their JolliSpaghetti. It’s delicious!


Our bond lasted all throughout college, but it was my bond with Acee that lasted the most. We didn’t see each other much since we went to college at different Universities. I took up Nursing so I was busy most of the time. Acee took up Entrepreneurship. Alec and Myka took up Nursing too, but at a different University. I loved that Acee and I really took time to meet up and catch up. She’d invite me over to her family gatherings and I’d invite her too. Although, my family didn’t really gather as much as hers did.I’d visit her at her school when I had free time and she’d also visit mine.

She was there for me during my lowest points and I was there for hers. When someone she was dating for a while, started seeing someone behind her back. I was the one who got really angry at the guy. I found out about it so it wasn’t easy for me to break the news but I understood that I had to. People may call me crazy but I’m fiercely protective of my friends especially Acee. She was just so soft spoken and nice to everyone that I didn’t want people to take advantage of her. I was more upfront with my anger. LOL I remember her stories when she started pseudo-dating again. She didn’t go out with them, mostly she just chatted with boys. She declined them every single time they asked her out which I didn’t understand since she said that she liked them too. During that time, I was in a relationship with my first boyfriend, who wasn’t a big talker. We updated each other through Facebook messages and texting. We met once in a while but we were busy with school and other extra-curricular activities.

Shit hit the fan when I found out that my ex boyfriend was cheating on me. It was my first relationship and I knew the other girl. She was a batch mate in high school which made it worse. I’d have to see her during high school reunions. Ugh. Anyway, all my close friends were upset but Acee was there during the really low points. She didn’t tell me that everything was going to be okay. She was just there. She was there every night I decided to hang out at Gypsy and be happy drunk. She was there when we broke up, got back together, then broke up again. It was a really bad time – one that I am ashamed of. I regret crying so much for a guy who doesn’t mean anything to me now. What a waste of tears. Acee was there to give me advises and cheer me up. Even her mother and cousin were giving me advises. She lets me sleepover and we go out every night. Unsurprisingly, 2011 and 2012 were the worst but most fun years during college life. I think what made it fun was that I had her with me, doing crazy things.

College was fun and I wish I stayed single for most of it.

When my ex boyfriend and I permanently broke up for good, it was after graduating and passing the board exam. I was sad, emotional, and Acee wasn’t here anymore. She moved to Dubai for work. I was coping better than I did back in college though. It was like I’ve been through it for so many times that I was just sick of it.There were weak times where I would just cry but the next day, I would be okay again. I was sad but I was moving on. After 10 months of being single after almost 4 years, Acee and her then boyfriend (now husband), Mico, introduced me to Mico’s cousin. Well, they didn’t really introduce us since they weren’t here but sort of bought us together? Raphael added me on Facebook and with Acee’s constant nagging, I accepted and Raphael introduced himself.

We clicked, had dinner, and quickly became a couple after two months of dating. It seems fast, but it was so comfortable and fun and I was really happy. Best decision ever, now we are married. Acee and Mico got married first last July 14, 2015 while Raphael and I got married last July 15, 2016.

Now, Acee and I are both known as Mrs. Cueva. We have formally solidified our friendship and became a family – officially on paper. She’s now my cousin. Haha. Funny how life unfolds itself in ways we never imagined it would be. ❤




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