How We Met

The story of how we met was interesting but at the same time, it was a totally normal way of meeting new people. If you have read my post about my best friend, you’d know that she was one of the important instruments of how and why we met. So here’s a short, hopefully will not bore you to death recap of our love story.




Most people would say that our love story happened a little too fast for their comfort, but that’s really their opinion. What I’ve learned is that the amount of time you’ve known a person doesn’t mean that he or she has the best intentions when it comes to you. Sometimes, the people who we’ve known for a short period of time have better intentions for us than those we have known for years.


It happened on October 2, 2014. My mom just got out of the hospital so we were settling back into our home. I was preparing for my AM duty the next day when I received a friend request on Facebook and a message from both Acee (my bestfriend) and Mico (her then boyfriend, now husband).


The person who added me was “EL Cueva” who had the same surname as Mico. I would be an idiot if I wasn’t suspicious so I decided to reply to Acee.

Acee: Hello! Did someone add you?

Me: Yes, who is this?

Acee: Mico’s cousin. Just add him.

Me: Why?

Acee: Just add!

Me: WHY!

Acee: Just add! It’s just a FB request.

Me: Okay but I will sleep now because I have an early shift tomorrow.


So I accepted his request and went to sleep. I think Raphael messaged me a few minutes after I accepted him but I already replied in the morning after while I was preparing for work. I remember how he was so formal. He said: Hello! My name is EL Cueva. I’m Mico’s cousin.


I don’t remember what I replied but I think I said I was Acee’s best friend. LOL I don’t think I replied a lot after that since I went on my duty. Hospital life is a busy life yo! I wasn’t particularly looking for someone to date. All I really wanted was someone to talk to. You see, when I went back to being single, I felt detached like no guy could capture my attention. Every conversation was boring and lifeless. Every guy that seemed to message or ask me out me wasn’t enough. They weren’t good looking enough. They were boring to talk to, and all the other reasons as to why they weren’t enough.


What’s funny was that on October 1, 2014, I had learned that my ex still kept a picture of me in his wallet. It was weird and somehow, it bothered me. Okay, it bothered me a lot. We had broken up for almost a year then, no communication, no means of seeing each other, so it puzzled me why he still had my picture in his wallet. Plus, he had a girlfriend! Four months after we broke up, I tried to talk to him to get some closure but was rudely denied. He said we will meet up tomorrow, but he never texted. I never texted him ever again. Talk about rude! He could’ve just said that he didn’t want to talk, but then again, what good could I have expected of him? LOL. Which is why I was frustrated when I found out about the picture. Seriously, why would you keep your ex’s picture in your wallet? Is it for fun? I still don’t have the answer to that, but I don’t really care now. Anyway, on that night, I cried a lot (because of the frustration) and I intentionally prayed to God to give me someone who was this and that as a future husband. I wasn’t the type of girl to just date because I just want to have a boyfriend. I was the type to take relationships seriously. I was the type of girl who will be in a relationship for the long haul. That’s just how I was bought up.

What I liked about Raphael was that he had a sense of humor, which would be considered weird for other people but funny nonetheless. It’s really the funny smart guys. After much pushing and deliberation, we finally decided to meet up. Good thing, he asked me out to dinner – not a movie. I wouldn’t go with him if it was a movie. LOL standards. A movie is not a good first date. For me, anyway. πŸ™‚ Acee and Mico wereΒ pushing me to meet up, and I even asked my mother, who was back at the hospital again that time, if meeting up was a good idea.


Another thing that made me somehow take a liking to him was that he volunteered to bring me and my mother food at the hospital. I didn’t allow him to anyway, but the fact was that he volunteered to do it. That would’ve been an awkward first meet up with my mom being there in the room and all.


Raphael added to my life. He made me experience new things, meet new people, and brought out the best in me. I love the fact that we seem to make each other laugh, like the belly-hurts laughs. Sure, we would fight every now and then but they are nothing that cannot be fixed. He would let me win, but I love him a lot to just compromise so we could both be happy. Never did he choose something over me – or someone. He’s very honest, patient, and he is not a sissy man. He knows when to put his foot down on my spoiled bitch self. He is a man who I can respect.Β  That’s important because women need men who they can respect (even if we don’t admit it, we need men who can stand up and be men) and who can put them in their place when we are being irrationally moody. HAHA. But not to the point of being cruel and condescending. He is aware of my insecurities, and he never teases me for them or mocks me, instead he helps me overcome them. ❀


How could I have resisted falling in love with such a guy? Sure, he has his downsides too (like he is very passionate about his craft that he sometimes forgets the world), a little lazy and stubborn, but it’s the fact that he does the best that he can for our relationshipΒ all the time. I hope my children can find someone who loves them like he loves me. ❀


So on November 20, 2014, we became a couple. Thanks to his awkward proposal but more about that next time. ❀



2 thoughts on “How We Met

  1. Such a nice read, ate! I’m happy for the both of you and I wish someday I’d get the same kind of love that both of you have for each other hehe.

    PS: Sorry for creeping, I just happen to catch your blog in WP Reader and decided to check. πŸ™‚ You’re so pretty po! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! Thank you, Rica! And I’m sure you will! Maybe a love that’s even better! ❀ Continue pursuing your writing! You write so well! Creeping on you too! ❀


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