It was another rainy night for that week, but instead of feeling under the weather, I was excited for it was time to see you again. The clock was ticking slowly as I awaited for your arrival. Why did you have to work so far away from my house?Ā  I never thought that I would be feeling the excitement and elation again after feeling numb for months – maybe almost a year. That’s what heartbreak does to you, it makes you numb to everything but pain.

Soon enough, I heard the sound of your car outside the gate so I hurriedly secured my home and rushed out.”Hi!” I greeted as I entered the passenger seat. You sat there with a smile on your face and I knew that I loved you. “Should we go?” You asked.

“Sure!” I replied without even bothering to ask where. I didn’t care. I was just happy to be in your presence. After moving a few meters away from my home, you stopped the car and said, “Sorry, can I borrow your phone? I found this trick that I wanted to show you.” I was very protective of my phone so I was a little wary as I gave it to you. Then I started talking about the new songs I’ve been listening to today since it was my day off, while glancing sneakily at the reflection of my phone on the window.

Being a woman is weird, I thought as I relaxed on my seat and looked out the windshield, last week I was complaining to my friends that I was seeing you too much but now, I’m not going to complain. The rain clouds were almost gone and the moon was brilliant. It was a cool night. “What are you doing?” I asked, getting a little impatient.

“Just a sec.” You replied, “Almost done.” You handed me back my phone and quickly added, “Sorry, but I just remember that I bumped into a motorcycle. Can you check the back of the car? If there’s a scratch.”

“What? Really?” I gasped before I quickly jumped out of the car. “Where? What happened?”

It was then at that moment that the backdoor of the car began to open on it’s own, revealing a box of chocolate cake and a bouquet of red roses. The phone in my hand began vibrating and when I looked down, my heart did a little somersault.

“Will You Be My Girlfriend?” was calling and I knew which button I was going to push.




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