Thoughts On Social Media Blocking

This is written in defense to people who block people who annoy them, like myself. I’ve recently come across two Facebook friends who posted angry statuses about being blocked on Facebook by someone they didn’t name. On their statuses, they said that the person who blocked them is bitter or insecure which is for me just a totally wrong way to look at the situation. It was obvious in their status that they weren’t on good terms with the ones who blocked them.   Personally, I am guilty of blocking people on Facebook and it’s not because I am bitter … Continue reading Thoughts On Social Media Blocking

As A Filipino –

It seems that our country is under a lot of scrutiny now because of President Duterte’s war against drugs. To be honest, I voted for him because I like his political will and the whole point of his campaign which was – and still is – to get rid of drugs in the country. As a nurse, I’ve seen first hand what drugs can do to a person. It isn’t pretty and it isn’t fun to look at. “Why would you do this to yourself?” I would ask myself. Coming from a middle class family, I completely understand the plight … Continue reading As A Filipino –