How Long Should You Nap?




Everyone enjoys nap time – except the little kids who still have no idea how blissful nap time is! We all need a little shut eye every now and then especially after being productive and busy for hours. By napping, we are able to recharge our batteries for a while and carry on with what we need to accomplish for the day. We can’t exactly sleep for 8 hours straight while at work or at school right? However, have you noticed that there are some naps that make you feel energized and alert but then, there are also some naps which make you feel groggy and slow-ish? Or should I say sluggish?


Unknown to some, there’s actually a nap guideline to help you take the appropriate minutes of napping according to what you need.



10 to 20 minutes :  To boost alertness, energy, and a good way to refresh your mind and get back to work.


30 minutes  : NEVER! Studies have shown that these naps leave you feeling extremely groggy.

60 minutes  :  To improve your face, face, and name recognition.

90 minutes  :  To improve emotional, procedural, memory, and creativity. Also the easiest to wake up from.


And here I was thinking that a 30 minutes nap was a good thing! Enjoy your nap time, friends! ❤


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