Thoughts On Social Media Blocking

This is written in defense to people who block people who annoy them, like myself. I’ve recently come across two Facebook friends who posted angry statuses about being blocked on Facebook by someone they didn’t name. On their statuses, they said that the person who blocked them is bitter or insecure which is for me just a totally wrong way to look at the situation. It was obvious in their status that they weren’t on good terms with the ones who blocked them.


Personally, I am guilty of blocking people on Facebook and it’s not because I am bitter or insecure because there is absolutely no reason to be, but it’s simply because I have no interest in connecting with the people I have blocked anymore. The people I usually block are those who I had an irreparable argument with. Yes, there are some relationships in our lives which just cannot be repaired. We just have to leave them alone because trying to repair the damage or fix the situation just somehow worsens it more.


I also do not like people who I am not in good terms with to know what I am currently up to in my life, because that just gives them reason to gossip, assume things, and make up absurd stories. At 24 years old, it’s just better to simply walk away (in this case block) from drama that social media brings. Don’t be offended if you have been blocked, look at it positively, at least now, the two persons involved can go about their own thing without being nosy about what the other is up to.


When someone blocks me, I just laugh because it saves me the trouble of doing it myself. Hello, peace of mind! Now I can scroll through my newsfeed without acquiring any bad vibes. It’s nothing personal, really. πŸ™‚ Let’s not be offended by every little thing that happens on social media. If you are not friends in real life, then there’s no reason toΒ really be friends on social media. That’s just my two cents!



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