How To Budget For Newly Weds (Like Me!)

Before we begin, I’d like to make it clear than I am not a budgeting guru. I didn’t take accounting or anything related to that during university time. I took up Nursing but along the way, budgeting is something that we all have to learn and practice.



Personally, I think that the key to budgeting is saving up and splurging at the same time. What I mean to say is that a successful budgeting plan means that you get to save money but at the same time, you don’t deprive yourself from the things that you want or need. πŸ˜‰ Limiting yourself too much can make you resent saving and that’s not a good thing. Hey, we are all working hard for that green cash and we all deserve a little reward at times. Besides, it’s never bad to enjoy your earnings. The key in budgeting is CONTROL.

You need to be the one to control your money, not the other way around. When your money is the one controlling you, get ready to take the reins and let it know that you are the one in charge.


Being newly married, budgeting is a challenge. You no longer have to work with one person’s needs and wants but you have to work on the needs and wants of another person too. You are now two, and if you have a child, you will be three or four or five. Juggling that can be hard and very challenging indeed. How can you do it? Here are some tips that I learned.



    *** When I say priorities, I’m talking to the food, house, water, and electricity. These are the things that you really need to survive in today’s world. Maybe you can add the gasoline here if you own a car. In other words, the bills. Ladies and Gentlemen, these are the priorities.

    My hubby and I have a fixed budget for each month’s “priorities”. We add our earnings together and split the bills. Sometimes, if I am short on money, he pays for the bills while I take care of the extra expenses but most of the time, it’s 50/50 since the two of us are working individuals.

    Before we go on a shopping spree for the things that we want – not need – we make sure that the money needed to pay for the “priorities” has been set aside and is ready to be paid when the due dates arrive.

    For me, successful budgeting is being able to pay for the bills on time.


    *** Newly weds have a long way to go and it is a must that a couple must have their own savings. What are the things that my husband and I are saving for? We are saving money to buy our own house. We are saving money to be spent on a baby. We are saving money to start a business. We are saving money in case an emergency happens.

    My goal in life since before is not to be rich but to never have money shortage. I want to have enough money to never have to borrow from people and to always be able to provide for the my needs, my immediate family, and my extended family. That’s the goal I work hard for every day.

    And saving is one way to do that. Grab a notebook and list down your expenses. How much can you afford to set aside each month? Some people set aside savings first before the bills, but I always do the bills first because paying them is important.

    It is always best to treat money you have saved as “GONE” so that you won’t be tempted to take them out of your savings account. Once money has been put in the savings envelope, that money is gone.

    Until the time comes when you have to really use it.

    I’d also advice to categorize your savings and not just put them in one big bundle. For example, we have the big envelope of savings then there are mini envelopes inside for the “Emergency Fund”, “House and Lot”, “Business Capital” and “Child Fund”.


    *** Saving is good but it is never good to feel like you are already depriving yourself from some of the things that you want to buy. You have been working hard for a month so you also deserve a treat. Whenever I want to buy something though, I stop and think about how much I really really want it. No to impulse buying. When I like something, I don’t buy it immediately, I think about it overnight and sometimes even for a few days.

    Recently, I’ve been looking at this beautiful black leather bag online that costs around 21 to 22 USD. I added it to my wishlist and kept looking at it – contemplating whether I should get it checked out or not – for days. I think I reached about 5 days of thinking about it before I decided that I was going to buy it. So my advice for you is that before you buy something that you want or is just an extra expense, sleep on it and if you wake up and you still really really want it, then that’s the time to get it. At least by doing that, you know that you won’t be regretting the purchase that you made. Don’t take too long though because someone could purchase it first.

Don’t forget that the most important thing is that you and your partner have agreed on the terms of how you will go about your budget. There is no place for blame here. Make sure that the two of you are okay with what you agreed upon. Communication is the key.

What other budgeting tips can you share with us?
How do you budget your money?
How do you stop yourself from impulse buying?

You can leave a comment below and share your thoughts with other readers. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a newly wed. Everybody could use budgeting advice. πŸ™‚


Have a great day!






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