Missing You, Mickey.



Today, I accidentally came across a picture of my dog named Mickey on Pinterest. I remember pinning it there before but through the years it has slipped my mind, however that doesn’t mean that I have forgotten about him.


I remember getting him as a gift from my parents during my sophomore year in high school. I named him Mickey (after Mickey Mouse) because he looked like a small mouse with his long ears and pointy tail. I fed him milk, followed him around the house to clean up his pee and poop, and even put him to sleep. We slept in the same bedroom and I remember that he woke me up every morning so he could pee or poop outside. It was a bit annoying since it was summer time and that was supposed to be the time where I get to oversleep but I couldn’t. He was a very playful hotdog and he would follow me around the house even if I’m inside the bathroom.


I remember one time I was sick with fever and I laid down beside him while waiting for my parents to arrive home. He laid down on my tummy and slept. When my parents arrived, I felt a little better so I took a bath, but when night time came, we had to bring Mickey to the veterinary clinic because he wasn’t feeling well. I remember being amazed and guilty at the same time because it seemed like he absorbed my sickness. I remember crying when they injected him with antibiotics. That was when I realized that I didn’t have the stomach to be a veterinarian.


Mickey died at around 7 to 8 years old. Too early, I know. He could have lived a little bit longer. I recall arriving home from school and seeing him weak. He hadn’t been eating for two days so I forced my parents to bring him to a veterinarian. They wouldn’t at first, but I started crying like a little girl. In the end, they did but it was too late. Most of the animal clinics were already closed. We drove around the city for two hours looking for a clinic that was open but there wasn’t. We went home with a heavy heart and tried to make him feel comfortable. In the morning, he was gone. I still feel guilty for not being able to do enough to save him.


I love you, Mickey. You’ll always be part of the family. ❤


Until today, I haven’t gotten super close with another animal as I did with him. It just hurts too much when you lose them. 😦






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