The 5 Languages Of Love

I first heard of the 5 languages of love during the time I spent in college. It pays to have friends that majored in Psychology. My close friend, Inna, shared with me about the 5 languages of love that she feels I should know about. Have you heard of this? The 5 languages of love are composed of:


Let me explain a little something about each love language. Let’s start with Physical Touch. To clear it up, this doesn’t mean having sex all the time or kissing or making out. Touch isn’t always sexual. Here physical touch can simply be you and your significant other holding hands, hugging, a simple pat on the back, or reassuring squeezes during stressful times. I got the highest in this one which is actually not surprising since I’m a touchy huggy person.

Next, we have words of affirmation. Do you feel happy when someone sends you a long message about how good you are or how a wonderful person you are? Not surprisingly, this is my top 2. I melt with a long sweet message from a loved one and I like telling my loved ones how much I love them at random times of the day. It may be annoying to some but that’s just how it is. I like receiving long letter or personalized cards.

The third one is the acts of service. This doesn’t mean that you like treating your significant other like a slave. This is anything that can help ease the burden of responsibilities from you. “Let me help you with that” or “I can do it for you” are music to your ears. The person whose love language is acts of service will feel neglected if his or her significant other is lazy and is not helping out with the chores or with things that they have to accomplish. They take it as a neglect on their feelings. This is my number 4.

The second to the last one is the receiving gifts. This is the last one on my results. I like receiving gifts but a hug and a letter would mean just as much. If this if your number one result, don’t feel bad because it doesn’t mean that you are materialistic. You just feel valued more when the people you love give you thoughtful gifts. You will feel neglected if someone missed your birthday, anniversary, or gave you an obviously thoughtless gift. Gifts make you feel like you are always remembered and loved.

And finally, we have the quality time. This is my top 3! Who doesn’t enjoy full, undivided attention? With quality time comes quality conversations and quality activities. Quality is greater than quantity. If you are together but you are just sitting there with your significant other, then that will still feel a little bit unfulfilling. What’s the point of being together when you aren’t bonding at all?

Are you interested in knowing your love language too? Then click here. It’s a very helpful website. What’s your love language? Don’t forget to share your results here! ❤


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