WP 01: You & I

The challenge:


“Write about a unique relationship between an immortal and a time traveler.”


I was back in the year 1945. The year of the World War II. I wasn’t sure why I was back here, but I had to survive if I ever wanted to go back to my own time. I could hear the distant cries of some children before the alarms came alive. I’ve seen Pearl Harbor enough to know what the alarms meant. “An air strike.” I muttered. Looking around the city which had somehow become a war zone, I cursed myself for not even knowing where I was. All I knew was the year like it would help me survive. From the architecture of some buildings, I was sure that I was somewhere in Europe though – hopefully not Germany. The ground shook a little as some fighter jets dropped bombs a few blocks behind me.

Must hurry!

Luck wasn’t on my side. Most of the gates were locked! I needed to go underground if I wanted to survive. “Please open the door!” I exclaimed as I knocked from one door to the other. “Can anyone hear me?” Running around the corner, I immediately froze when I spotted two German soldiers approaching. I hid behind a telephone post. Things are not going my way. Lucky enough, they didn’t seem to notice me yet.

“Hey you!” I heard someone say from down below. Satan? “Down here! In the manhole.”

I looked around and spotted a manhole a few meters away from me. Recognition quickly flooded my brain. “It’s you.” I whispered before I took a quick glance at the two soldiers. They seemed to have stopped walking and were changing directions. He motioned for me to come over to him. I wasn’t sure that was a safe idea but I guess it was better than being stuck out here wherein I could be bombed to death or raped to death. With one last glance at the German soldiers, I hurried over to where he was. He opened the manhole quickly before he assisted me down. “Quick, close the cover!” He sneered.

“A little patience!” I replied, reaching for the lid and putting it back in place as quietly as I could.

“They might see us.” A meek voice said from behind him before a child clung to his trench coat. Albert placed a hand on child’s head and smiled. “I’m scared.” The child said.

“I know you are, but don’t worry, I’ll keep you safe.” Albert reassured but the child didn’t look sold. “I promise.” He added.

“You shouldn’t make promises you can’t keep.” I commented. The soft glow of the yellow street lights entered through the holes of the manhole’s lid. Somehow the water in the sewer reflected the light and made it a little brighter, but not enough to make me comfortable.

“I promised to find you and repay you for 1877, right?” Albert reminded. Despite the darkness, I could imagine the smug look he had on his face. “Well, here we are.”

Hopefully he didn’t see the smile that crept to my face as well, “Yeah, here we are.” I was a time traveler and Albert claims to be immortal. Why we kept on bumping into each other was still unknown and I didn’t even have time to think about it deeply because the bombs had began dropping.

Now we survive.


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