Our Little Bundle

My last post I said that I will be giving birth on November 24, 2016. I wrote that on November 23, 2016… Imagine my surprise when in just a few hours after writing that I headed to the hospital to give birth already. Not everything goes as planned, especially with a baby.


November 21, 2016: I was supposed to have my ultrasound so that we would have an idea about the position of the baby inside my tummy. However, when we arrived at the hospital, we were told that we needed to schedule it first since they don’t receive walk-ins anymore so we scheduled it on the next day.


November 22, 2016: We woke up early to head to the hospital for the check up and also have my routine consultation with my OBGYNE afterwards. Two weeks ago, we were told by the OBGYNE that the baby’s head was already positioned so I was really a bit anxious about normal delivery. Imagine our surprise when the doctor who did the ultrasound told us that the baby was in a breech position.


How does a breech baby look like?




So my baby was feet down, which wasn’t a great position for vaginal birth since the neck might get injured or twisted. I heard of exercises to turn a breech baby into the normal position so I was expecting my OBGYNE to tell me what to do.


We were in for another surprise! Dr. Anico performed an I.E. on me and found out that I was already 1 cm open! My due date was supposed to be on December 13, 2016 but I was already open so we had no choice but to schedule a CS this week. I chose November 24 so that I’d have a day to prepare for it – physically, mentally, and emotionally.


When we arrived home, I couldn’t sleep. I tried to but I really couldn’t sleep. I know that giving birth is something that a woman’s body has been designed to do but it doesn’t mean that all women were mentally ready for it. I wasn’t. I was scared of giving birth, specifically I was scared of experiencing child birth pain. Truth be told, I was a little glad that I was going to have an operation instead of delivering baby normally. I said to myself that I would just go to sleep and wake up with baby in my arms.


Oh man! I was wrong!


I think I managed to get a little bit of sleep and finish my work, but on the morning of November 23, 2016… I felt that the contractions of my tummy were getting closer and closer. They weren’t painful though. I decided to head to the hospital to get it checked. I wanted to be sure that the baby was okay and wasn’t experiencing any distress. I took our bags and placed them in the car… just in case I won’t be allowed to go home. I was already 1 cm open yesterday.


THANKFULLY I DID IT BECAUSE I WASN’T ALLOWED TO GO HOME. Can you see a trend here? Everything that happened took us all by surprise, but it didn’t stop there. Instead of having my CS on November 24, the doctor advised that I had it today. Since I ate breakfast at 9 AM, I had to wait until 4 PM. So there I was chilling in the labor room, trying so hard to find a socket so I could charge my phone. I was trying to relax and not think about it too much. I spend hours on Facebook, chatting my friends and family… Until the time came for me to be carried to the operating room. I was relaxed as I walked towards the table but everything suddenly felt real when I was already on the table.


My extremities were shaking, especially my hands. The doctors and nurses kept telling me to relax, but I couldn’t. Suddenly, I didn’t want to go to sleep since I had this overwhelming feeling of fear that I won’t be able to wake up. Did the spinal anesthesia hurt? It was uncomfortable and it hurt a little.


I didn’t fall asleep all throughout the operation even after they gave me morphine to help me relax. Here is a picture of my baby as soon as she got out:




That’s her first smile ever!


Another surprise was that we didn’t need the CS in the end. When they opened my tummy, her position was already head down. She turned around in the end. And oh yeah, my tummy was super big because there was too much amniotic fluid. The operating room became a little flooded.


We spent 80,000 php for nothing. LOL. Love you, Baby Eiko! ❤




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