Motherhood has engulfed me!

Before I begin this quick update (quick because my daughter might wake up any minute now), I would like to give a virtual hug to all moms out there especially new moms like myself. I never understood how hard it is to become a parent until I became one. The sleepless nights are real.


I knew that being a mom would be hard, but the word “hard” seems to be an understatement I’ve found. I have to deal with breastfeeding (sometimes I feel like the baby is draining me of my nutrients), waking up every two to three hours to breastfeed (sometimes even on an hourly basis if she’s cluster feeding), cleaning poop, changing clothes, being urinated on, cleaning baby materials, and trying to put her to sleep when she’s being fussy. Hoo man, it’s really challenging and to be honest, there have been times where I am tempted to just leave her alone to cry (I’ve even joked about returning her to the hospital LOL), but of course, I can’t do that because I love her so much.


OFF TOPIC: Don’t you just love that newborn baby smell? I sniff her all the time. So nice!


So here are some tips for new moms for the first month:


1.) It’s normal to feel like you don’t know what you are doing or what you are going to do. I’m a nurse and during the first week I’ve felt totally lost. I didn’t know how to properly hold her. I kept being a cry baby whenever she cried and I couldn’t console her. I didn’t know how to properly breastfeed her.I felt really disappointed in myself because I studied this shit but I guess, knowing is different that actually doing it.

I’m not fond of babies. I’m afraid to hold babies. They seem so fragile. My baby was so fragile when she was born. I was scared that I’d do something to mess her up. As time passed though, I can say that I’ve become more confident in handling her and responding to her needs.


Moms, the best feeling is when your baby is crying and you respond to her needs correctly. #MommyInstinct Since my daughter is two months now (almost on Monday Jan 23), she can smile and respond to me already which is making me feel ecstatic. It’s a smile that can wipe away my exhaustion.


2.) There were nights that I’ve found myself alone to care for baby. What to do? Prepare the stuff that you need. One of the techniques I’ve learned is to place everything that you need down beforehand. While my baby is asleep, I set up the place where I change her diaper with every thing that I need within reach so that I won’t have a hard time reaching for stuff when I’m already handling the baby.


3.) It’s okay to be clingy and territorial with your baby. I didn’t like that people took her from me, even if they wanted to help. I didn’t really say much at first because I wasn’t confident enough with my mothering skills, but now I’m learning or trying to be assertive. Babies need their moms and moms need their babies. I noticed that every time Eiko was far from me, I’d feel this hollow dull pain in my chest. I am not exaggerating. I’ve felt it and it only goes away when Eiko is back with me. Who else has felt this? I need to know that it’s normal.


4.) Post-pregnancy blues are hell. I couldn’t fight them properly. It’s so hard to shake them away. I am angry then sad then I’d randomly cry. A rollercoaster of emotions!!! Do something that will make them go away. Do it! Do it!


That’s all for now! My baby is grunting and is starting to get restless. She’s about to wake up! πŸ˜€ To the mommies out there, leave some tips for me if you can! :))


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