Why Do You Cheat?

If you are unsatisfied or unhappy in the relationship that you are in now, the easy way out is not by cheating. Why do some people cheat? I know from experience (my ex did this to me) that some people use it as an easy way out of the relationship since they are too cowardly to sit down and talk about it. Others I learned were just curious, which is really an asshole-y move too. But what about those who continuously do it, over and over again? I was sitting on the porch as I ate my dinner when I … Continue reading Why Do You Cheat?


“SLEEP WHEN YOUR BABY IS SLEEPING.”  I cannot stress how important and helpful this is. If you are a mom who is still at the newborn stage, this may seem like a bad idea since the baby breastfeeds every 2 hours. Imagine having to wake up every hour or so just to breastfeed! That was stressful to deal with. I’m so thankful to be past that phase. Now Eiko can sleep 5 to 6 hours straight if she’s uninterrupted. ✔ But yes, rest while your baby is sleeping because you will need the energy for another upcoming awake-eat-play-poop cycle. In … Continue reading MOMMY TIP 01:

Being A Mom

Our nanny has abandoned us for unknown reasons so I’ve been a little busy being a hands-on mom to my 3 month old and being a wife to my husband. Being a mom is tiring but it’s also an amazing experience. If you aren’t ready for motherhood, then it would be best if you make sure that you won’t accidentally get pregnant.  Being a mom has forced me to extend my patience. It is impossible and irrational to be furious at an infant. It has also forced me to become more sensitive to the needs of my baby without her … Continue reading Being A Mom