Being A Mom

Our nanny has abandoned us for unknown reasons so I’ve been a little busy being a hands-on mom to my 3 month old and being a wife to my husband. Being a mom is tiring but it’s also an amazing experience. If you aren’t ready for motherhood, then it would be best if you make sure that you won’t accidentally get pregnant. 

Being a mom has forced me to extend my patience. It is impossible and irrational to be furious at an infant. It has also forced me to become more sensitive to the needs of my baby without her having to tell me (well, she can’t exactly tell me anyway). Sometimes, I sit back and think if I am doing this motherhood thing right but I am giving it my best and I hope that that’s enough.

As of the moment, I have no regrets (and I’m not just saying that to avoid looking pitiful). I definitely have no regrets. I look at the little family I chose to have and I’m sure that I’d do it all over again. 💕 


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