Why Do You Cheat?

If you are unsatisfied or unhappy in the relationship that you are in now, the easy way out is not by cheating. Why do some people cheat? I know from experience (my ex did this to me) that some people use it as an easy way out of the relationship since they are too cowardly to sit down and talk about it. Others I learned were just curious, which is really an asshole-y move too. But what about those who continuously do it, over and over again?

I was sitting on the porch as I ate my dinner when I learned that a friend of mine took an out of town trip to meet up with some girl. I knew that he was in a long term relationship which was on and off most of the time but still, it seemed like he loved his girlfriend. But here he was off to meet a girl again. I say  again because  I think they had this cheating issue since before. I don’t get it. Why would you stay in a relationship and then cheat, act single behind your partner’s back? Does it give people some kind of satisfaction or something?

I don’t understand why cheaters don’t break up with the person they are with and be free to fuck around without stepping on someone’s feelings. I am talking about the serial cheaters here, not those who messed up once and never did it again. It would be more convenient to hop from one bed to another if you are single, FYI. 😉 

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