Our Mini Vacation 

Last week, we headed to Tagaytay for the beautiful wedding of Muy and Jen. Weeks before I’ve asked myself over and over again if we were ready to travel with a three month old. We have to take a plane, a two hour roadtrip, and just thinking of all the things that we needed to bring drove me dizzy. Not to mention the dreadful Manila traffic! Alas, the day came and we were ready. We hoped we were ready!

⚠⚠⚠  Mommy Tip: When riding a plane, be sure to breastfeed your baby during take off and during landing to help ease the pressure in your baby’s ears. ⚠⚠⚠

Here are some pictures of our adventure in Tagaytay,

with the beautiful bride and handsome groom 

beautiful venue! you could really see the Taal volcano. This was at Balay Taal.

we had a goodbye Tagaytay lunch at Leslie’s! The food was great and the view was amazing! I suggest you go there late in the afternoon. City lights, anyone? 😉

We headed back to Manila and met up with some of our friends, got pressured into a night out. Of course, I couldn’t drink. Some of my friends didn’t get it… because they weren’t mommies yet! One kept sayin that I read too much, but how could I not when my little one’s health was at stake with every little thing that I do? Mommies have to be careful. 😏At Belle and Dragon, I kept worrying if I should drink or not. How much alcohol volume can a breastfeeding mom consume? Can I even drink at all? I researched it and it said that a breastfeeding mom can drink one to two units of alcohol. Was I willing to risk it?  

I didn’t. Our night out was cut short at around 11 because Eiko cried a lot. She was probably already looking for us! Clinginess is real. 😍 

🔴 S/O to mommies reading this blog: Does your baby cry a lot during car rides? Our baby seems to really hate car rides. She used to love it back when she was one to two months! How do you deal with it? 🔴

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