What’s up?

Hey everyone! I know things have been a little slow in my blog and I humbly apologize for that. I promised myself to stay dedicated to this project but that’s what having a baby does to you. It’s hard to find a little time for yourself during the first few months but I am hoping that things will start to get better.

Do I regret being a mom?  No. Never. I love my little angel, but two or four hours to myself a day would be cool. Sadly, our nanny has deserted us in search for greener pastures. 

So what am I up to besides taking care of Eiko /Ey-ko/? Well, as of the moment I am obsessed with bettering my wardrobe. Korean fashion style and French style are currently my outfit goals – if only I had time to actually shop for the pieces I am looking for.

I have also spent around 5,000 bucks on skin care products. They weren’t kidding when they said that you’ll feel insecure or ugly after giving birth. Hence… Now if only I had the time to  do the ten step Korean skin care routine. *sigh*  Are you starting to feel bad for me? 😅

What is the ten step Korean skin care routine? I will discuss that next time – I swear! Let me prepare my materials. 😂 I hate to admit it but Korean skin care products are the bomb. Find the perfect product for you and hello, younger looking flawless skin. 


How is Eiko? She is doing well, and getting fatter. My lower back is starting to hurt while carrying her but it is a sacrifice that a mom must undergo for her baby. Last month, her weight was at 6.4 KG.  That may not be much for you guys but I am a petite woman. 
I can’t do anything too because she’s so clingy. When I head to the bathroom, she cries. When she can’t see me, she cries. It gives me a warm feeling and all, but Eiko LOL mom has to take a bath too. What to do about this co-mothers? Any advice?
Anyway, that’s all I can say for a limited time. The baby is awake! 😍😘 

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