Taking Back Sydney

Hey guys! It would mean a lot to me if you can check out my Wattpad story. I really need some constructive criticism on it. I want to be better! 🤔 I had two unfinished books before this one (TBS). I lost touch with them because of my pregnancy so yeah. Anyway, here is the new one:

TAKING BACK SYDNEY / misfitkismet

× Romance, Drama, Family, Angst, Revenge ×
Here is the proglogue:
Saint Mary’s Hospital, Charleston

July 23, 2009

The worst part about betrayal is that it comes from the person you expect it least.

As I stood there and listened to Dr. Martin Smith tell my little sister that she could no longer walk, I regretted the day that I met and fell madly in love with Sydney Samantha Jones. Young and in love, we made surreal plans to run away together two nights before. I was so in love with her that I was willing to leave my struggling family but luckily, my principles caught up to me and forced me to do the right thing which was to ask for her father’s blessing before marrying her.

Who knew that doing the right thing was going to cost you everything?

“We can try physical therapy,” Dr. Smith was saying as he looked down at the chart he was holding. “But I’m not going to expect too much. Angela’s spine was hit pretty hard which damaged some of her nerves. I guess, we can say that she’s lucky her upper body is functional still.”

“Lucky?!” My father exclaimed. “She can no longer walk or run!” 

“Mr. Keaton —”

“Doctor! How about surgery?” My mother asked with a little glimmer of hope from her puffy eyes. She had been crying every since the fire. “Will a surgery fix my daughter’s legs?”

“I highly doubt it, ma’am. I’m so sorry.” Dr. Smith stated before he turned to Angela who was just sitting there on the bed. She wasn’t crying. She was just there. “Angela, would you like to talk to someone about this?”

Angela shook her head. “Can everyone leave? I would like a moment alone.”

“Darling —” Mom started.

“Please!” Angela exclaimed. The four of us glanced at each other before we unwillingly stepped out of the room. Dr. Smith discussed some more treatment options with my father while mom and I stood by the door and listened to Angela’s crying.

“Mom, I’m sorry…” I began, trying to stop my voice from cracking. I reached for her hand but instead of holding my hand she gave me a hard slap on the cheek. I was surprised but I knew I deserved it. I ruined everything. I ruined my family. I ruined our livelihood. I ruined Angela’s future.

“Get away from me, Marcus, before I forget that you’re my son.” She seethed.  “Just please go away.”

“Mom,” I sobbed. I couldn’t stop it anymore. “P-please forgive me.” I fell to my knees while wrapping my arms around her. I no longer cared who was looking. All I cared for was gaining my family’s forgiveness. “I’ll make it up to you, I swear it. I’ll make it up to Angela. She will never want again for as long as she lives. I’ll take care of all of you. I’ll take care of our family. Mom, please.”

After a few minutes, I felt her wrap her arms around me and cried. That was the worst. Seeing your mother cry because of you is the worst. My chest tightened and so did my hold of her. I don’t know how long I kept repeating that I was sorry but if saying it over and over again will help ease the pain my family was feeling, I will say it until my throat dries up. 

The next few months was hard. With our small automobile repair shop burned to the ground, we had no money to pay for Angela’s physical therapy. Having to deal with Angela’s anger, feelings of helplessness, depression, and just a whole rollercoaster of emotions was hard and it took a toil on everyone. Dad was always working overtime. Mom cried in the bathroom at the end of the day. Angela never sang again. There were days when she would act out by throwing things, screaming, and refusing to eat but then there were also days when she would just keep to herself. She’d stare out the window for hours. The silent days scared me the most. 

I worked three jobs to help my family stand up again. I worked as a bellboy, as a waiter, and as a freelance mechanic on the side. That’s how I met Mr. Richard Reed. 

It happened on a rainy Tuesday morning. I was on my way to Knight Hotel for my afternoon shift when I passed by him on the side of the road. There was thick white smoke coming out of his front hood. “Hello, Sir! Are you having car troubles?” I asked, slowing down. 

Richard Reed was an old man when I met him. He was on his way to meet his daughter Rita but his car engine started  having making alarming loud noises so he stopped and then that’s when the smoke began. It was his felt tip hat that captured my interest. “Boy, yes I am. Do you happen to know a thing or two about cars?” He asked me with a hopeful glimmer in his weary gray eyes. 
I grinned at him. “It’s your lucky day, Sir! My family owned a car repair shop.” I got out of my old pick up truck and walked towards his car. Lifting the front hood, I looked for something amiss. “Seems like your radiator hose is leaking. Where you heading to, Sir? I’m going to have to tow your car. I don’t have the materials to fix it at the moment.”

It felt like the universe was giving me a hand for he was headed to Knight Hotel too. “Oh, I work there as a bellboy.” I informed him. “What are the odds! You can ride with me.”

We talked during the ride. He mostly asked about me and then talked about his dear daughter Rita. She was in high school and she planned on being a Pediatrician when she gets older. She lived with her mom since he and his previous missus got divorced seven years ago. “Do you believe in fate, Marcus?” He randomly asked.
“I believe we make our own fortune in this world, Mr. Reed.” I replied, concentrating on the road. “Things just don’t get handed to us… At least not for those who struggle with money.”
“That’s correct, and that is exactly why I sought you out.” 



Thank you so much! Also if you have a work of your own, I’d be happy to read it and give a review as well! Hugs! x  

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