How Important Is SEO? 🤔

Have you ever heard of SEO? It is short for Search Engine Optimization. What is it really all about? And real talk, do you really need it? One can say that SEO is a set of rules or guidelines that you must adhere to if you want to make your content known to different groups of people. Most people would say that blog owners need it more than those hat create Youtube content, I say otherwise. If you want to make it on the internet, get yourself out there, then you will have to take a short SEO course. Why? … Continue reading How Important Is SEO? 🤔

Saying Bye To Writer’s Block

Writing is a talent; not everybody can imagine scenarios in their heads and put them detail per detail on paper. Imagining, typing, and creating is not everyone’s cup of tea, but sometimes no matter how talented you consider yourself to be, you will find yourself looking at a blank sheet. You will trash that 15th draft you made. You will sit there and wonder where your talent in writing went.  That’s okay. That’s normal. That’s what we usually refer to as a Writer’s Block. It happens when a writer can’t seem to produce new material. Sometimes it’s temporary but there … Continue reading Saying Bye To Writer’s Block

SEO: Choosing Your Keywords

When it comes to SEO, the heart and soul of it are the keywords that you have chosen to use. Keywords are the words that will easily allow the search engine to find your post when a person uses them to look for something. Does this mean that it is better for you to use common keywords? In a way, yes. If you use common keywords, your blog or website will surely be on the list but not on the first page especially if your website or blog is new. It hasn’t gained enough credibility yet so at the back … Continue reading SEO: Choosing Your Keywords