I know that physical appearance is as not important as who we are deep inside but when we meet people for the first time, they won’t see what a great personality we have or how fun we are to be friends with. Sad to say, most people judge us or make a first impression based on how we look. Plus, looking good equals feeling good! Don’t you think so? 💛😉 Here are some USEFUL beauty tips that you can try at home or when you have time to spare! 😚 WHITEN YOUR UNDERARM You will need BAKING SODA and COCONUT … Continue reading BEAUTY TIPS 101

Stop Being A Slave To Your Emotions

How do you control your negative emotions? Do your emotions tend to get the better of you? If you are tired of feeling bad after a fit of rage or making promises that you know you can’t keep because you are too happy at the moment, then one thing that you should learn to do would be to control your emotions. As an adult, it is one of the things that we must learn. Mostly it is the negative emotions that get us in trouble. Continue reading Stop Being A Slave To Your Emotions