What’s up? 😊

Well, my best friend is back in town for 15 days with her family in tow. If you’ve read my previous blog post about how me and my best friend became relatives, you’ll know that I basically owe them for making way for me to meet my now husband. πŸ’› The MICEE couple with the Cueva kids. πŸ’› … And the KismeL/MetheL couple with the Cueva kids: Amazing how two years ago, the four of us had dinner and we were all single and childless… and now, two years later, the four of us are married and each couple has … Continue reading What’s up? 😊


I know I’ve been inactive. I have been really busy. Adulting is not a joke. 😭 Currently going through a lot of troubles now… My dad had mild stroke. He just got out of the hospital yesterday.  This made me realize how unappreciated he was. He was always there helping out and doing chores. Now that he can’t, it’s like our family lost a limb. We are all still adjusting to the new changes in our lives and I have to constantly remind myself that God will not allow me to go through this if he will not bring me … Continue reading Hi.

Alarming Growth Of Child Porn On FB

Before Facebook was a fun place to get connected with your friends and family but right now, it has become such a dangerous place. An article from Esquire has made its rounds to a number of people exposing the existence of private FB groups (mostly dominated by men using dummy accounts). In these private groups, they share child pornography (which is a crime. Let’s not forget that.) and also nudes or sexy photos of women without their consent.   There has been a movement calling everyone to report these pages in order to shut them down. I have reported ten … Continue reading Alarming Growth Of Child Porn On FB

ISIS Threats In The PH

In line with this months’ latest news about the #MarawiClash and #ResortsWorldAttack, I can’t help but fear for my country, the Philippines. There has been an on going rumor that the ISIS threat in our country is true and to be honest, it scares me. I look at what happened with Syria and I cannot bear to even imagine it happening here. The Philippines is a peaceful country with a buncha crimes here and there but nothing serious. Unlike the news we have been hearing nowadays. There has been bombings, gunshots, rallys, and the looming threat of a nationwide Martial … Continue reading ISIS Threats In The PH

Our Little Bundle

My last postΒ I said that I will be giving birth on November 24, 2016. I wrote that on November 23, 2016… Imagine my surprise when in just a few hours after writing that I headed to the hospital to give birth already. Not everything goes as planned, especially with a baby.   November 21, 2016: I was supposed to have my ultrasound so that we would have an idea about the position of the baby inside my tummy. However, when we arrived at the hospital, we were told that we needed to schedule it first since they don’t receive walk-ins … Continue reading Our Little Bundle

Social Media & Discontentment

On random days, I’m just scrolling through my Facebook news feed like I always do when pangs of social media envy hit me. Generally, I am quite happy and satisfied with my life. I have loving parents, a loving supportive husband, an incoming baby who I am very excited to meet, and a good career which pays me more than I expected it would. Most days, I can say that life is good. Yet, there are days wherein I find myself wishing I had *insert name here*’s life instead. Continue reading Social Media & Discontentment

Missing You, Mickey.

  Today, I accidentally came across a picture of my dog named Mickey on Pinterest. I remember pinning it there before but through the years it has slipped my mind, however that doesn’t mean that I have forgotten about him.   I remember getting him as a gift from my parents during my sophomore year in high school. I named him Mickey (after Mickey Mouse) because he looked like a small mouse with his long ears and pointy tail. I fed him milk, followed him around the house to clean up his pee and poop, and even put him to … Continue reading Missing You, Mickey.