Trust VS Mistrust

Have you ever heard of Erik Erikson’s Psychosocial theory? He believed that in order to grow up as a healthy adult, we must pass eight stages. These are the TRUST VS MISTRUST, AUTONOMY VS SHAME AND DOUBT, INITIATIVE VS GUILT, INDUSTRY VS INFERIORITY, IDENTITY VS ROLE CONFUSION, INTIMACY VS ISOLATION, GENERATIVITY VS STAGNATION, and finally EGO INTEGRITY VS DESPAIR.  For now, we are going to focus on the first stage which is TRUST VS MISTRUST. Why is the development of trust important? This stage begins right when the baby is born into the world and until he or she reaches 18 … Continue reading Trust VS Mistrust

What’s up?

Hey everyone! I know things have been a little slow in my blog and I humbly apologize for that. I promised myself to stay dedicated to this project but that’s what having a baby does to you. It’s hard to find a little time for yourself during the first few months but I am hoping that things will start to get better. Do I regret being a mom?  No. Never. I love my little angel, but two or four hours to myself a day would be cool. Sadly, our nanny has deserted us in search for greener pastures.  So what … Continue reading What’s up?


“SLEEP WHEN YOUR BABY IS SLEEPING.”  I cannot stress how important and helpful this is. If you are a mom who is still at the newborn stage, this may seem like a bad idea since the baby breastfeeds every 2 hours. Imagine having to wake up every hour or so just to breastfeed! That was stressful to deal with. I’m so thankful to be past that phase. Now Eiko can sleep 5 to 6 hours straight if she’s uninterrupted. âś” But yes, rest while your baby is sleeping because you will need the energy for another upcoming awake-eat-play-poop cycle. In … Continue reading MOMMY TIP 01:

Being A Mom

Our nanny has abandoned us for unknown reasons so I’ve been a little busy being a hands-on mom to my 3 month old and being a wife to my husband. Being a mom is tiring but it’s also an amazing experience. If you aren’t ready for motherhood, then it would be best if you make sure that you won’t accidentally get pregnant.  Being a mom has forced me to extend my patience. It is impossible and irrational to be furious at an infant. It has also forced me to become more sensitive to the needs of my baby without her … Continue reading Being A Mom