#ToBeAPrincess: CHAPTER 1

“Conversation is an art form. Always answer questions with a question in return.”  -Emily McCarthy 👑👑👑 I. WHAT’S IN A NAME? QUEEN MARGARET OF ASHFORD January 1998 Margaret Henry-Alderidge gazed longingly at the little boy she carried inside her tummy … Continue reading #ToBeAPrincess: CHAPTER 1



I got inspired as I was reading articles about Prince Harry’s engagement with Meghan. It must be exciting and challenging for her at the same time. I mean, it’s a whole new world that she has yet to discover. 😍 … Continue reading #NEWSTORYALERT: To Be A Princess


Saying Bye To Writer’s Block

Writing is a talent; not everybody can imagine scenarios in their heads and put them detail per detail on paper. Imagining, typing, and creating is not everyone’s cup of tea, but sometimes no matter how talented you consider yourself to be, you will find yourself looking at a blank sheet. You will trash that 15th draft you made. You will sit there and wonder where your talent in writing went.  That’s okay. That’s normal. That’s what we usually refer to as a Writer’s Block. It happens when a writer can’t seem to produce new material. Sometimes it’s temporary but there … Continue reading Saying Bye To Writer’s Block


Taking Back Sydney

Hey guys! It would mean a lot to me if you can check out my Wattpad story. I really need some constructive criticism on it. I want to be better! 🤔 I had two unfinished books before this one (TBS). … Continue reading Taking Back Sydney



I am drawn to the water, But I do not know how to swim. Funny, isn’t it? In the water, I am at peace At the same time, I also fear for my life. I am drawn to you, But I do not know who you are. Funny, isn’t it? How I look for you in every person I meet, How every time my phone rings A little spark emerges in my heart with hopes of you. You are my water, And I wait for you to take me. Advertisements Continue reading Drawn


WP 01: You & I

“I promised to find you and repay you for 1877, right?” Albert reminded. Despite the darkness, I could imagine the smug look he had on his face. “Well, here we are.”

Hopefully he didn’t see the smile that crept to my face as well, “Yeah, here we are.” I was a time traveler and Albert claims to be immortal. Why we kept on bumping into each other was still unknown and I didn’t even have time to think about it deeply because the bombs had began dropping.

Now we survive. Continue reading WP 01: You & I